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Synonyms: Finder no Hyouteki, Target in the Finder, Target in the Viewfinder, Finder no Sekiyoku, One Wing in the Finder, One Wing in the Viewfinder
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Twenty-three-year old Takaba Akihito is a young freelance photographer who takes pride in his work & seeks to lớn get a major "scoop." After he takes photographs of the business dealings of crime lord Asami Ryuichi, Asami kidnaps & rapes him, beginning a sadomasochistic relationship between them as they find themselves continually drawn khổng lồ one another. Fei Long, a rival Chinese trùm cuối who blames Asami for his father"s death, takes an interest in Takaba, as well, seeking a way to lớn get revenge.(Source: Wikipedia)

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This was... Strange to say the least. It was recommended to lớn me by a friend, who said that it wasn't a great show overall but it had some interesting aspects. If you're here và you are a.) a yaoi fan hâm mộ b.) a fan hâm mộ of fictional toxic relationships or c.) a tín đồ of 'mafia' style anime, this reviews is for you.First of all, I'll start by addressing the elements of the show objectively. The storyline starts off interesting, but it quickly delves into a realm of the unexplainable. Vị police not exist in this world? Some may make the argument that this is a mafia AU, ... So the police are possibly corrupt. Cool, then why isn't that shown? It seems like a plot hole when it's blatantly not covered. In other aspects, it entirely skips over the plot that should be there và continues with the so-called 'romance', as if the actual story is self-explanatory. But I suppose it's so cliche that it kinda is, lớn an extent. Overall, for a mafia AU, this was a little sad. The art, I'll give a pass to. I've been reading the manga và other than strange proportions in the semes' shoulders at times, most everything is drawn alright. THIS IS NOT FULLY ANIMATED! If you're obsessed with animation and everything being smooth & well done, step away! This is mostly just colored and slightly animated (a limb here and there, lips) manga frames. Not even joking, the frames were pretty much copy-pasted. I... Didn't like the music. At all. At the most serious và trying of times for our dear uke, the music is an upbeat elevator-style instrumental, and a lot of the time it just felt lượt thích a tín đồ animated manga bit on youtube. Not very well done in that aspect. With the characters, I'm not sure where to lớn start. There was an interesting 'villain', but when looking at the main love interest for the uke, you come lớn terms with the fact that he's basically a rapist. Not basically, scratch that-- he IS a rapist. It says so in the summary itself. However, lượt thích every classic uke, our main character completely neglects this fact và starts khổng lồ take this 'relationship' with his abuser seriously & starts lớn depend on him. Toxic relationship at its finest. Overall, I have lớn say for the first half of the first episode I was pretty bored and wondering if I should even continue watching this. I only kept watching because I was reassured by the fact that it was only two episodes & that I would finish in no time at all. Now, FOR THE YAOI FANS: This is your cup of tea. It has a classic seme & uke, some jealousy thrown in, và a good bit of kink. Did I mention the uke is pretty tsundere too? and the seme doesn't know the meaning of the word 'no', is a rapist, & has no refractory period whatsoever? Yep, you heard it here folks! Go ahead & give this a try. FOR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP JUNKIES: I love myself some good angst & friction in an unhealthy fictional couple, but this isn't what you want. There is no gradual or mentally unstable dependence or 'love' in this. It jumps straight from rape lớn being in love. /Actual/ love. Or what the characters consider that lớn be anyways. There is no friction, no character development, no nothing. If you're into that kinda thing, I would suggest Ai No Kusabi, which presents a very compelling and well-written story about toxic dependence. FOR THOSE MAFIA AU FANS: GET AWAY! This will ruin your love for mafia shit. I'm warning you. This honestly has close lớn no plot or anything to vày with mafia style stuff-- it's just the convenient premise for an uneven power dynamic. All in all, I feel lượt thích this is a very niche anime và it will appeal khổng lồ the people who are into kinky yaoi. If you're not feeling the animation, kiểm tra out the manga. It's pretty much the same.I would recommend this if you: want a crappy modern version of Ai no Kusabi, like kinky shizz, are into power dynamics, really like seme-ukeI would NOT recommend this if you: are an animation elitist, want character development, are here for plot, are invested in genuine characters in genuine relationships Have a great day everyone!