This delightful sequel to the hilarious hit comedy is a piece of divinely inspired lunacy! Xi again collides with the so-called civilized world when he embarks on a tìm kiếm for his children, who are accidental stowaways on a poacher's truck. He soon crosses paths with two very odd couples lost in the desert. Xixo, perplexed by their strange antics, nevertheless finds himself drawn into a crazy adventure with people who know how lớn make magic machines...but constantly need khổng lồ be saved from the wilderness & from each other.

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*'s hard not to get a kick out of watching a character battle over a cup of water with a baboon.

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With any 'strike while the iron's hot' example of sequel moviemaking, you're bound lớn trudge through a lot of familiarity in order to lớn find the few worthwhile moments.

Parents need lớn know that this sequel to The Gods Must Be Crazy follows the same formula và is just as charming. This fish-out-of-water tale focuses on a big-city lawyer who ends up stranded deep in the African bush, who realizes that her book-learning is almost useless & the truly educated people are those who learn to read the language of the jungle. There's mild swearing ("hell" & "ass") & some gunfights that have a slapstick tone, but overall this is a fun film that families will enjoy watching together.

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