Woody prepares khổng lồ go khổng lồ cowboy camp with Andy but his arm is ripped, forcing him lớn stay on the shelf. There Woody finds a broken squeeze toy penguin toy named Wheezy, who is to lớn be sold at a yard sale. With help from Andy's dog, Buster, Woody sneaks out và saves Wheezy, but falls off before he can make it inside the house. He is first found by a girl but is then found by an enthusiastic toy collector. The Toy collector offers Andy's mother several deals to purchase Woody, but citing that Woody was not supposed lớn be in the yard sale in the first place, và that Woody is in fact a family heirloom, she declines his offers and locks Woody in a blue crate. The Toy collector however creates a distraction và steals Woody out of the crate and drives off with him. Buzz Lightyear & the other toys recognize the thief as Al McWhiggin, the owner of Al's Toy Barn, & set out to rescue him.In Al's apartment, Woody discovers he is a valuable collectable based on an old, popular TV show called Woody's Roundup, và is set to be sold lớn a toy museum in Tokyo, Japan. The other toys from the franchise—Jessie the yodeling cowgirl, Woody's horse Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector, who is in mint condition inside his unopened box—are excited about the trip, but Woody intends lớn return home because he is still Andy's toy. They needed Woody lớn stay because if he wasn't with them, they would go back into storage. That night, Al accidentally rips off Woody's broken arm & Woody attempts lớn recover his arm and return to Andy. However, his attempt gets sabotaged when the TV turns on, waking Al up and ruining his chances of returning home. Woody suspects Jessie because the TV remote was near her and he plans to lớn return to Andy once his arm is repaired. However, he changes his mind once he learns that Jessie was outgrown by her old owner, Emily, & realizes Andy will outgrow him at some point.Buzz & the other toys—Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, và Hamm—reach the Al's Toy Barn store across from Al's apartment. However Buzz gets captured by a newer Buzz Lightyear kích hoạt figure who is more deluded than the old Buzz was before. The new Buzz is mistaken by the other toys, who have the assistance and help from Tour Guide Barbie, as Andy's Buzz và joins them to Al's apartment. The real Buzz escapes & chases them, accidentally releasing an kích hoạt figure of his arch enemy Emperor Zurg, who, just lượt thích the new Buzz, doesn't realize he is a toy.Buzz rejoins the others as soon as they find Woody, but Woody refuses to return lớn Andy. However, he changes his mind when he watches a boy with him on TV making him realize how much he missed Andy, & Buzz reminds him that toys are meant lớn be played with. Woody convinces Jessie and Bullseye to come with him as another way lớn stop them going back into storage, but Stinky Pete, out of his box, locks up the air vent the toys used to lớn get to lớn Al's apartment with his pickaxe, separating them from Andy's toys. Stinky Pete then reveals that he sabotaged Woody's attempt to lớn regain his broken arm to prevent him returning to lớn Andy và that he wants lớn go to japan because he was forced lớn spend his life in a siêu thị watching the other toys being sold. After they are taken by Al, the two Buzzes and the rest of Andy's toys encounter Zurg in an elevator shaft (Who the new Buzz starts to lớn fight) while chasing Al, but the new Buzz remains behind lớn play with Zurg once he discovers that Zurg is his father.Buzz & the others follow Al to lớn the airport and enter the baggage claim area to save Woody. Stinky Pete tries to lớn stop them, ripping Woody's arm again, but he is defeated & stuffed in the bag of a girl who draws on the faces of her toys; this gives him a chance to see what it is lượt thích to be played with (what Woody calls "the true meaning of 'playtime'"). Jessie ends up being boarded on the airplane to Japan, but Woody, Buzz and Bullseye save her just before the plane lifts off and the toys return trang chủ to await Andy's arrival, Woody uses his pull string as a lasso. Later, Andy takes Jessie and Bullseye in as his new toys and fixes Woody's arm. The toys also learn that Al's business & mood have sharply declined because his attempt khổng lồ sell the Roundup gang to nhật bản was a failure. As the new toys become accustomed to lớn having a new owner, Woody tells Buzz that he is not worried about Andy outgrowing him, because when he does, they will have each other for infinity & beyond. The movie ends with the over of a tuy nhiên sung by Wheezy aka Robert Goulet.

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