Team Flash & the A.R.G.U.S. Gang start to work on tracking King Shark, with a giả Flash tied khổng lồ a buoy. Although King Shark will be stronger in the water, Barry’s determined it will end tonight even if they have to fight him on his own turf. After a few hours King Shark finally shows up and snaps the kém chất lượng Flash off the buoy, but their plan doesn’t work và King Shark heads to lớn the docks leaping out of the water while everyone shoots. He brags that guns won’t kill him và he’s going khổng lồ kill The Flash, but The Flash is equally determined to over this battle once và for all. The Flash races off across the water, electrifying the water by racing in circles. Inside the circle, King Shark is being struck repeatedly by electricity & is finally rendered unconscious, floating lớn the surface.

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King Shark will be transported back khổng lồ A.R.G.U.S. Where he won’t be made into a weapon. Caitlin suggests Lyla talk lớn Dr. Lamden about her shark research. Barry thanks Diggle for his help và tells him he understands what it’s like to thua a friend. The guilt can tear him apart & he needs khổng lồ get control of it. He needs khổng lồ learn to use it khổng lồ help guide him.

At CC Jitters, Joe’s reading Wally’s plans for a supercar he can run off of bacon grease. He’s impressed with Wally’s ideas and Wally admits Barry helped him. Joe tells him Barry’s backstory và why he’s been so protective of him all these years. Things could have gone very differently for Barry, & Joe và Iris are just proud of the way he turned out. Joe says he’s his son, just lượt thích Wally is.

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At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco’s working on the goggles from Earth-2. Caitlin touches his arm as he’s working & her hand is ice cold. “Caitlin… I’ve always hated that name,” says Caitlin. Cisco backs away from her, telling her it’s happening and she’s starting khổng lồ become… “Killer Frost?” she says, finishing his sentence. But, she can’t hold it in and bursts out laughing. She says he deserves it for thinking she could ever become like her Earth-2 doppleganger.

Team Flash is assembled và Barry apologizes to them all. His choice to lớn go back in time had a lot of consequences that will haunt him. “Zoom, Jay’s death…it’s all because of me,” says Barry. He tells them they brought Zoom here but they will also be the ones who ultimately stop him, saying the breaches aren’t closed forever và Jay’s death is not in vain. Barry swears they’ll meet Zoom again and he’ll beat him.

Back on Earth-2, the man in the iron mask watches from inside his cell as Jay’s body is dropped on the floor. Zoom removes his mask and it’s Jay Garrick!

The Review:

So, how many Jays are there? Is Jay the man in the iron mask & if so does that mean there are three Jays? Are there two sets of twins – one set of Jays, one mix of Hunters? Is Hunter on Earth-1 just a red herring và it’s all about the Jays? And, when will all of these questions be answered?

Teasers for episode 15 didn’t lead The Flash fans to lớn believe there would be this huge reveal in this episode. If anything, the teasers with King Shark made this particular episode seem like one that it was okay lớn skip for now và catch on DVR when there’s an hour khổng lồ kill and nothing better lớn do. But, no, The Flash writers pulled off a major unexpected twist that made the slower parts of episode 15 worth sitting through. Episode 15 of season two also features one of Grant Gustin’s best performances as a tormented Barry who believes everything is all his fault.


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