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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 (DVD)

"The over the world has been foretold & only the Sailor Guardians can stop it! Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi’s Guardian of Love & Justice, must stand against the greatest evil the world has ever seen. Rei has had a dark vision predicting the end… of everything! The arrival of the mysterious Mugen Academy appears to lớn coincide with the appearance of deadly monsters called Daimons và questions are mounting. Where are they coming from, who are the Death Busters & are the two new Sailor Guardians friend or foe? The path to the dark prophecy requires life energy & even the Sailor Guardians are in danger. Chibi-Usa may have lớn accelerate her training, because the other Guardians will need all the help they can get. "

Thông số chi tiết:

Chú ý: khách hàng vui lòng khám phá kỹ thông tin thành phầm trước khi mua hàng!

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS ‏‎ 0.7 x 7.5 x 5.4 inches; 2.72 Ounces
DIRECTOR ‏‎ Various
RELEASE DATE ‏‎ December 5, 2017
ACTORS ‏‎ Various
STUDIO ‏‎ WarnerBrothers
ASIN ‏‎ B0752Y1H8G

The art is very simplified for animation. The first two seasons art wasn’t suitable for animation. Animation is about bring characters lớn life. The characters are lifeless in the earlier seasons. The characters are very expressive in season 3. Usagi and her friends are very lively & more relatable.The new dub isn’t very good in my opinion. I prefer the voice actors from the dic dub. Cloverway dub was a mixed bag. Uranus & mini moon had good voices and đời yamaha jupiter voice didn’t change at all.The packaging for crystal is much lovelier than the original anime packaging. Viz really dropped the ball with the original anime. At least crystal has good clip and audio quality. I hope the super s season has good quality.
The Infinity Arc is one of my favorites in both the manga and original anime, và season 3 doesn"t disappoint. The artwork style is non-CGI unlike the first two seasons of Crystal, which I prefer. Also, the pacing is a bit better in terms of the storyline, following the manga pretty closely.The three art cards & booklet are beautiful, showing the Sailor Guardians in the new Crystal artwork style. Getting this on sale for $32.99 was a no-brainer for me. This is an overall gorgeous Blu-ray collectible set.
This mix is a wonderful addition lớn any fan"s collection. I love both the original anime & Sailor Moon Crystal. Although I don"t lượt thích the art as much as the first two seasons (if you ask me, the lower emphasis on CGI và bulky art is an improvement, but their faces look kind of derpy), I think it"s still a wonderful story and gorgeous season. I love the art cards & the DVD"s và Blu-rays themselves look stunning. I highly recommend this for any Sailor Moon fan.

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In any format. SMC S3 is easy the best version of the arc keeping Outer Senshi far more friendly, but still afraid in allowing SM to lớn get involved. The original anime pretends the outer Senshi bởi not know who SM, Chibiusa and Sailor Venus are when in the manga they know its them quickly. Plus all the action canon kill shots và overall art is the better blend of the redraws vs manga style they tried in the first 18 episodes.
I loved the emotion that the dub cast put into crystal as a whole, I only wish they could vì chưng the same in the 90"s redub but it seems like the director is making them hold back which both works yet hurts it. Overall worth the price with such vibrant colors và detailed animation, especially if you"re watching this on a 4k tv. The story follows the manga version of the S arc but unfortunately cuts out nội dung like the side arcs which I feel has really hurt the show. It"s great that Crystal is more story oriented but even the source material had some room for it to lớn breathe with character building filler. My other complaint would be for the lackluster transformation music but it can"t be helped. I just hope now that season 4 will be worth the price once it"s released.
New and nicely packaged. Made in Mexico but honestly most dvds are lol. Has a little book. Haven"t opened but it arrived nice package it doesn"t look damaged so I think it"s all good. I enjoyed season 3 the most and amazon prime has it the best price at this time compared to other stores. I"m excited for the new movie this year, trailer was released a few weeks ago but all my sailor moon feels are back.
Gorgeous set. The box is sturdy & I love the design. Comes with a full màu sắc booklet & small poster cards ( kind of the kích thước of XL index cards) This was my fav season of Crystal, mostly because of the improved animation, but also because the Outer Senshi were so well done. I also really loved the new music!
I have been a long time fan hâm mộ of the Sailor Moon franchise và although the original will be close lớn my heart I had to collect the new ones. The box and packaging is beautiful, it wasn"t damaged at all và the art is beautiful that it comes with.

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