There are many components that are important for the success of your YouTube channel, but none of them are as important as subscribers.

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Your subscriber count will tell you how well your channel is doing. Understanding who your audience is will enable you to come up with the content for your channel that is more perfectly suited lớn the tastes of the majority you’re your subscribers. Even though YouTube allows you to see who your subscribers are, monitoring the sub count in real time requires the use of subscriber trackers or counters (more interested in seeing exactly who your subscribers are?).

If you would like to keep track of the ever-changing number of subscribers khổng lồ your channel, or gather information such as the sub counts và views of other YouTube channels, then using a live subscriber counter is a good choice.

Here are the top 12 YouTube subscriber counters:

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Top 12 Best YouTuber Subscriber Trackers You Should Use

1. Social Blade


This is probably the best tool you can use to monitor how the number of subscribers lớn any YouTube channel changes in from second lớn second. What"s more, Social Blade allows you khổng lồ compare up to three different YouTube channels & you can also keep track of the number of subscribers vị trí cao nhất channels on YouTube have. In addition, you will be able to see how many videos they have uploaded & how many views they got. Lớn start monitoring sub counts live via Social Blade simply enter the name of a channel and let the algorithm bởi the rest.



This website doesn"t provide advanced statistics, but it is easy to use. If all you need lớn find out the number of subscribers of a channel, insert the channel"s name into the tìm kiếm box. The tìm kiếm results also include the number of videos featured on the YouTube channel as well as the number of views. Subscriber Counter is an easy-to-use tool, but just don"t expect much more than basic information from this live subscriber tracker.



The users of this tool can get the accurate number of subscribers for any YouTube channel in real time and they are also granted an insight into the number of views và comments a channel has received và how many videos are uploaded khổng lồ it. Channel username, channel ID, YouTube URL can all be used as tìm kiếm terms on Askat Mittal"s YouTube Real-time subscriber counter.

A fringe bonus of Askat Mittal’s service is that the information is all displayed beautifully alongside the channel art of the YouTubers you look up.

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If you are in need of an easy-to-use YouTube subscriber counter, then LiveCounts is a strong option. However, if you want khổng lồ learn more about a YouTube channel than its subscriber count, such as the number of videos a creator has uploaded, how many views they have received, or how many comments their videos have, then LiveCounts may not be a good choice since it only monitors subscriber numbers in real time. There is a views tool, but it does not appear to be working.

On LiveCounts you can change the màu sắc of the display background.


* is a California-based company that provides services for marketers has designed a perfect sub count tool that enables you lớn know the exact number of subscribers for any YouTube account. Furthermore, this easy to use real-time subscriber counter allows you to nói qua the latest statistics about your YouTube"s leading channel easily to Facebook or Twitter. You can either search the channels by entering the user or a channel name into the tìm kiếm bar. 



YouTube creators in need of an advanced real-time subscriber count tool will without a doubt benefit from YouCount. Besides a live subscriber counter, YouCount also provides advanced statistics such as real-time trends with a 30-second refresh rate as well as information about total views or the number of videos the channel you are researching features. 

Some of the more quality tools on YouCount allow you khổng lồ compare a channel’s recent success (the statistics of the last 5 videos posted there) with the popularity of the channel as a whole. This is a good way khổng lồ see if a channel is picking up momentum.



Getting real-time statistics from the YouTube Subscriber Count is easy because all you need to bởi vì in order to get an exact number of subscribers for your channel, or any other YouTube channel, is to type the channel"s name into the tìm kiếm box. There is also an phầm mềm for android Smartphones available if you like to work on your smartphone. The version of the app for iPhones should become available in the near future.



Information lượt thích the number of clip uploads, views, và the creation date of the YouTube channel are all easily accessible via the SubscriberCount website. Simply insert the name or the URL of the channel you"d like to find out more about và enjoy the benefits. After you"ve made your search query the trang web will automatically suggest similar YouTube channels which can be a great way khổng lồ discover new channels and find interesting content.



You can either insert the name (or the ID sequence from the channel’s URL if the channel doesn’t have a custom URL) of the channel into the tìm kiếm bar on the website"s welcome screen and be just one click away from real-time subscriber counts. 




This is a trang web that offers an app you can use on your iPhone, máy tính bảng ipad or ipad Touch, or even on your apk smartphone. All versions of the ứng dụng are không tính phí to download and allow you to follow several YouTube channels simultaneously, receive a notification every time you reach a milestone, & customize the phầm mềm however you want. YT Count will enable you lớn analyze the statistics of any YouTube channel and monitor the latest changes in real-time.

11. Realtime Subscriber Count


Although remarkably easy to use this Google Chrome extension doesn"t offer much more than basic statistics, such as the current number of subscribers or the number of videos the channel features. YouTubers who are looking for more advanced analysis of data should look elsewhere because this extension doesn"t provide any additional information. Realtime Subscriber Count is a great way khổng lồ keep track of subscriber numbers while you browse, but that is all it can do.

12. Realtime Sub Count


The Realtime Sub Count tiện ích is only available for tiện ích ios devices. This ứng dụng was launched in April 2017 and, even though it provides some detailed information, it is still under development. If you decide to tải về this tiện ích you will be able lớn save your favorite channels and always get accurate data for them. The app updates every two seconds.

Want khổng lồ learn more about your YouTube statistics & how they can help lớn grow your channel?

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