Migrate Dropbox to G Suite by choosing the advanced, enterprise-level, & fully featured data migration tool with the following features.

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As Dropbox administrators are key decision-makers of any company khổng lồ migrate from

You have decided lớn migrate Dropbox lớn G Suite. Now is the time to get started và take the necessary procedures to transfer your data effectively. What should you vì chưng first? What is the best way khổng lồ copy Dropbox lớn G Suite khổng lồ avoid pitfalls và ensure that everything goes smoothly? 

This article stops all your searches và guides you on the right path to lớn migrate Dropbox to lớn G Suite. For quick guidance and support, you can contact leading global migration experts

< Overview>

1. Introduction2. Dropbox to lớn G Suite Business Migration Challenges3. How Does generalimex.com.vn Overcome the Dropbox to lớn G Suite Migration Challenges?4. Why You Should Use a Tool for Your Dropbox to lớn G Suite Business Migration?5. Features khổng lồ Look for in a Dropbox to G Suite Migration Tool6. Steps for Dropbox to G suite Migration7. Dropbox to G Suite Migration FAQs

1. Introduction

Dropbox administrators are key decision-makers of any company khổng lồ transfer Dropbox to G Suite. They must inquire about the migration solution that will copy Dropbox to lớn G Suite và meet various compliance requirements, safeguard sensitive data from breaches, restrict confidential information sharing, etc. 

Dropbox to lớn G Suite migration for businesses is simple, fast, và accurate with the generalimex.com.vn migration tool. 

Request a demo today & learn how lớn transfer Dropbox to G Suite. 

To give you an idea, below are the 16 simple steps to lớn transfer files from Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite or G Suite to Dropbox.

2. Dropbox lớn G Suite Business Migration Challenges

Below are the challenges that any typical IT admin face to lớn transfer Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite: 

Can’t migrate 21st nested thư mục as Google Drive supports only up to đôi mươi levels of nested folders  Migrating permissions, versions, comments, timestamps, & passwords of all files  Migrating Terabytes of data with zero downtime và zero data loss 

Moreover, migrating Dropbox files lớn G Suite may appear complex, uncertain, & potentially risky, leaving IT Admins and Managers to worry whether the migration effort is worthwhile or stick with existing cloud storage. This is because of limited understanding and expertise in cloud data migrations. 

Let us see how generalimex.com.vn conquered the challenges associated with Dropbox for business lớn G Suite migration. 

Let us see how generalimex.com.vn conquered the challenges associated with Dropbox lớn G Suite migration.

3. How Does generalimex.com.vn Overcome the Dropbox to lớn G Suite Migration Challenges?

generalimex.com.vn transfers Dropbox to G Suite without missing single permission, version, comment, timestamp, & password (used to lớn protect files) with zero downtime & no data loss regardless of the data size. Besides, it also migrates nested folders beyond the 20th màn chơi through a liên kết named Long file Name in the 20th folder. 


Furthermore, when it comes lớn copy Dropbox to lớn G Suite, we can work with you lớn overcome all the obstacles you may encounter in Dropbox to G Suite migration. generalimex.com.vn, with its services, solutions, và years of experience in managing migrations from one cloud storage to lớn another for thousands of organizations ranging from small khổng lồ large scale, helps you move terabytes of data without a hitch from Dropbox trương mục to G Suite. 

generalimex.com.vn is a partner of both Dropbox và Google và has an extensive understanding of both the cloud storage platforms, và can solve any migration complexities quickly for you. 

Contact us today for more details about how we can assist you with your migration planning!

4. Why You Should Use a Tool for Your Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite Business Migration?

Though Dropbox & G suite helps to create, work, và share files, they differ in many aspects such as files organization/storage, files format it supports, and many more. 

Figure 1: Dropbox Storage vs. Google Drive Storage

So, khổng lồ migrate all Dropbox files of different formats such as Word, Google Doc, Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, Google Slides, & Dropbox Paper along with permissions, versions, comments, timestamps, and passwords and organize them in Google Drive accordingly you should consider a third-party tool which can’t be done through manual migration. 

Figure 2: Dropbox files permissions, comments, và timestamps

5. Features khổng lồ Look For in a Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite Migration Tool

You should first kiểm tra whether the migration tool you have chosen supports all the migration features before you can effectively select a suitable service. This is the quickest way lớn choose the right migration service based on your prerequisites. 

Below are the features you should look at while choosing Dropbox for business to lớn G Suite migration service provider. 

Our Platform Features

One-time migration Delta migration (Incremental changes) Comparison delta migration Versions & selective versions migration Root thư mục permissions migration Subfolder permissions migration Root file permissions migration External shares migration Timestamps migration Suppressing email notifications

generalimex.com.vn constantly analyzes things from the customer perspective to lớn give the best migration solution in the industry. Massive data file transfers might take a few weeks/months, depending on the data size. During the migration process, there will be a lot of changes happening in their folders và files, like adding new files/folders, editing, và commenting on the files. In this case, for companies lớn help retrieve this data, which is incremental changes, our engineers have developed the “Delta Migration” feature. 

Whereas “Comparison Delta Migration” compares the source & destination folders and files & migrates any folder or file missed along with incremental changes. Besides, the users will get e-mail notifications for each thư mục and file migrated lớn their G Suite using the feature “Suppressing email notifications”. 

As we discussed earlier, generalimex.com.vn migrates all the internal and external permissions, timestamps, comments, and versions of Dropbox files khổng lồ G Suite. In addition, generalimex.com.vn also offers the “Selective Versions Migration” feature, which allows you lớn select the versions you need lớn migrate, saving you money và time. 

6. How khổng lồ Migrate from Dropbox to G suite

To give you an idea, below are the 16 simple steps to transfer files from Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite or G Suite to lớn Dropbox.

1. Log in to lớn generalimex.com.vn

Go khổng lồ webapp.generalimex.com.vn & create an account. generalimex.com.vn provides a không tính phí trial trương mục for users who wish to test the platform.

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generalimex.com.vn also provides a product tour or customized enterprise trial for IT admins with large data migration needs.

Please tương tác our migration team today for a demo or quote.


2. Add Dropbox for Business Account

Locate the Dropbox hình ảnh seen in the business clouds list. Since it is a business migration, avoid adding Dropbox from the danh sách of personal clouds. Clouds in the personal section don’t tư vấn multi-user data migration. 


3. Authorize the Dropbox Account

Enter your company’s Dropbox admin login credentials and click on the Sign-in button. This will complete the Dropbox cloud-adding process. 


4. Add G Suite

Find the G Suite biệu tượng công ty in the list of business clouds. Click on it & enter the G Suite admin login credentials.


5. địa chỉ generalimex.com.vn from G Suite Marketplace

generalimex.com.vn requires you to add its app in the G Suite marketplace khổng lồ facilitate migration. Click on the Proceed button. 


6. Enter G Suite Login Details

Now enter your company’s G Suite admin login details & click on the Next button. 


7. Provide Access

Click on the Allow button to lớn complete the G Suite cloud addition process. 


8. Check Whether Clouds Added Successfully

Go khổng lồ the Clouds section in the website app & click on the Manage Clouds tab. You should be able lớn see both Dropbox và G Suite added there. If you find one of the two clouds missing, repeat the cloud addition procedure with the steps given above.



9. Start the Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite Migration

Click on the Team Migration icon. This will not start the actual file migration process. You need to configure a few more options khổng lồ start the migration. 


10. Select Source & Destination Cloud Accounts

Choose Dropbox for Business as the source cloud & G Suite as the destination cloud. 

11. Maps Users for Migration

generalimex.com.vn has an Auto-map feature that maps all the users in source & destination based on the thư điện tử aliases. 

You can delete the users from the Auto-map danh mục by clicking on the small delete icon. 

12. Another Mapping Method

In addition lớn that, generalimex.com.vn also supports manual migration via a CSV file. Upload a CSV file with the danh mục of users to lớn generalimex.com.vn. The app then fetches the user information for migration. 

13. Select Dropbox to G Suite Migration Options

You can select a few options on this page, such as naming the migration, providing additional emails for notifications, etc. Most of these settings can be left khổng lồ default. 

14. Preview and Initiate the Migration

Preview your migration job once & click on the “Start Migration” button. This will initiate the actual tệp tin transfer between Dropbox & G Suite. 

15. Migration Is in Progress

During transferring files from Dropbox business lớn G Suite, generalimex.com.vn displays the status as In-Progress. 

16. Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite Migration Has Been Completed

When all files are migrated, the status will be changed to “Processed.” 

If you would lượt thích to copy Dropbox lớn G Suite, please contact our business migration team for a quote or demo. 

7. Dropbox to lớn G Suite Migration FAQs

1. How generalimex.com.vn handles nested thư mục migration in Google Drive?

A folder in Google Drive can support up to 20 levels of nested folders. But based on our customers’ request khổng lồ migrate beyond the 20th level, we have built a “Long tệp tin Name” feature. generalimex.com.vn tool migrates from the 21st nested folder by creating a liên kết in the 20th folder, which redirects lớn the 21st folder. 

2. Are the apps integrated into Dropbox are migrated to lớn G Suite?

No tool supports app integrations migration from one cloud khổng lồ another because the apps downloaded in a cloud will be specific & can’t be migrated khổng lồ any other cloud account. Similarly, any phầm mềm downloaded from Dropbox app center can’t be migrated to G Suite. 

3. In which format are the files are migrated lớn G Suite?

generalimex.com.vn migrates all the files such as Word, Google Doc, Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Dropbox Paper along with permissions, versions, comments, timestamps, và passwords in a simple and secured way. Files in Dropbox are migrated to G Suite in the format illustrated in the below table: 

DropboxGoogle Drive
.docx, .gdoc .docx
.xlsx, .gsheet .xlsx
.pptx, .gslides .pptx
. Papert .gdoc

4. Is there any data migration limit?

There is no data kích cỡ limit from the generalimex.com.vn end. generalimex.com.vn can migrate terabytes of data on its servers without slowing down the migration process. But G Suite allows uploading only 750 GB of data each day for each user. When the migration data reaches the limit mix by G Suite, it continues the next day, & the process goes on until the entire data is migrated. 

5. Is it mandatory lớn provision your user’s Google accounts?

Yes, G Suite’s rule is that all the users should log in at least once to lớn their Google Accounts to lớn copy Dropbox khổng lồ G Suite. 

generalimex.com.vn before initiating migration checks in the database whether all the company users to lớn be migrated are provisioned or not.