Yukiteru và Yuno blossomed a twisted relationship between themーhowever, was their love full of poison or was there still some normalcy lớn it?


Yukiteru & Yuno blossomed a twisted relationship between themーhowever, was their love full of poison or was there still some normalcy lớn it?yujieWhen Future Diary hit the anime scene nine years ago, it created the yandere queen of every và all anime, Yuno Gasai. Besides that, it created one of the most popular couples a year prior to Kirito & Asuna from Sword Art Online. It was the middle school couple of Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, an introverted boy and his psychopathic stalker.

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Throughout competing in a "Death Game" by using their cellphones as weapons, Yukiteru và Yuno also blossomed a twisted relationship between themーhowever, was their love full of poison, or was there still some hope shining through the cracks?


Toxic or not, Yuno và Yukiteru are known as a good couple for one odd factーthey are able lớn rely on each other. That takes some trust, considering how unstable a mentality Yuno has, as well as vulnerability.

However, throughout Future Diary, Yuno & Yukiteru learn lớn rely on each other & work together in the Death trò chơi in order lớn live & win.


Most fans forget this fact, but Yukiteru was in love with another girl in his class that coincidentally looked exactly lượt thích his mother. Her name was Moe Wakaba, và she was in the first episode và a couple of flashbacks of Future Diary.

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While there wasn"t any significance in this crush, this means that even though Yuno was in love with him, Yukiteru had absolutely no interest in her whatsoever as a character. Yuno essentially stole Yukiteru"s chance khổng lồ date anyone besides her.


While Yuno"s background is way crueler than Yukiteru, their family constitution is similar. While Yuno"s parents used to lock her in a cage and leave her unfed, Yukiteru"s parents were barely home and left him by himself.

Not khổng lồ mention Yukiteru"s father, who betrayed Yukiteru as well as his wife and mother of his child. Since they both didn"t have the best parents, they can understand each other.


Yuno is known as the yandere queen of anime, even eight years after the kết thúc of Future Diary. This is a fact that cannot be denied once fans watch the acclaimed horror series.

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Yuno did not dare let anyone-uncaring whether it"s a boy or girlーnear her precious Yukki in the beginning. While this habit simmers down during the half of the anime and manga, her yandere tendencies vì chưng not, leaving her a toxic girlfriend.

No matter how crazy Yuno is, Yukiteru is the only one who can understand her impulses and erratic behavior. This is the same for Yuno, as she has been watching Yukiteru for a long, long time.

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While this is not a particularly good thing, this means that they can understand each other on a cấp độ others cannot.

Yandere? Check. Obsessive? Check. In Love? Check. All of these things chalk up khổng lồ Yuno being a stalker, và even she admits lớn watching him at all times, even showing him her diary that updates her every ten minutes. She is the Diary Holder of the Yukiteru Diary, after all.

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She did not earn this diary for naught, as she gained it from being obsessed with him và wishing to lớn know what he does at all times. Even when he"s in the bathroom, Yuno knowsーcausing her khổng lồ give him a nhà vệ sinh roll in embarrassment.

Yukiteru isn"t the most confident person in the Death Game. He"s weak, incompetent, & stupid. These are all things that make up his character because of him being bullied and being treated as an outsider by his classmates.

However, Yuno doesn"t care about any of that because she knows he"s truly kind. As Yuno is the only one who believes in him, that gives him the strength he needs lớn pull through.

It"s "borderline" as Yuno & Yukiteru didn"t begin as captor & hostage. However, Yuno did kidnap Yukiteru in the early half of the anime và manga, causing her full craziness to be put on display.

As Yukiteru fell in love with Yuno after she apologizedーyet was still crazyーtheir relationship can be called out for displaying traits of Stockholm syndrome.

No matter what happened lớn either of them, they both have never fully betrayed the other. While Yuno has lied many times to Yukiteru và vice-versa, she never once tried khổng lồ harm him intentionally. Everything was done for his sake.

In Yukiteru"s case, he began khổng lồ warm up lớn Yuno and began to see her as trustworthy as well, in the second half of the series.

No matter how someone tries to chalk up Yuno & Yukiteru"s relationship, in the end, it remains one of the m0st toxic ones in anime history. Yuno began as an unstable girl who killed herself in a different timeline so she can gain the affection of the second Yukiteru, interchanging him with the first Yukiteru who loved her.

Looking at it this way, fans can say she was imposing her feelings for the first Yukiteru on to the second one, despite her claiming she would love every Yukki in any timeline, as she is in love with him as a person. When they"re together, they also cause chaos around them, such as killing people và being a threat to the universe when they become Gods. Yukiteru and Yuno are one of the most toxic couples.

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