Girls, our skin is precious & delicate, it presents our self-worth, respect, attractiveness, và confidence. The more stunning your skin is, the more affection you show khổng lồ yourself. This is not only our look but also how we really take care of ourselves. So, surround your beloved skin with fascinating goodies that make the flawless healthy look no longer be fiction. Since the day when my skin was in very big trouble, I’ve explored và collected lots of skincare products. They really work to resolve và improve different skin ailments.

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Very long ago, I posted a review of Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, the product is quite good, it took over a couple of months khổng lồ let my flaking condition calm down. Stepping into this new year, my skin was much better, I mean it’s back lớn normal. I’ve started switching to a new cleansing product that’s gonna be suitable for my current skin type. Ta-da! I get a new “friend” here, welcome lớn my reviews of Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil.

1. Infused with Virgin Coconut Oil, Mugwort Extracts and Other Botanical Derived Ingredients for Soothing & Deep Cleansing Properties

The “Fresh Brightening” I used before is able khổng lồ mildly remove minimal makeup & sunscreen. Otherwise, the “Perfect Pore” is inclined to get rid of all unwanted residues, even the water-resistant, heaviest makeup. The product’s two signature ingredients are natural virgin coconut Oil and mugwort extract. Both provide potent cleansing agents to lớn skin at low hazards.


Many pieces of research & studies have proved the wonderful efficacy of coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera) for facial cleansing. The natural virgin coconut oil is derived from coconut fresh milk, it’s pure & unrefined in the absence of synthetic, chemical filters. That is the reason why the “virgin” is more desirable in skincare than the “regular.” Moreover, the refined type is made of the copra (dried coconut kernel or coconut meat), it’s more likely to lớn result in a much thicker, heavier consistency. That can lead to overactive sebum production & clogged pores. In contrast, the virgin one tends to lớn be much lighter with smaller particles, which can penetrate deeply into skin without blocking the pores.

Then, This enables the hàng hóa to thoroughly seep into layers of impurities và solubilize pollution, dirt, debris, excessive sebum và makeup. The coconut oil also brings antimicrobial, antifungal and detergent activities. Moreover, famed for giving skin high emollient factors, rich in fatty acids khổng lồ quickly minimize the appearance of flaky, scaly patches, so it’s suggestive for sensitive, dry skin. Compared to lớn the “regular” (refined), the “virgin” (unrefined) preserves a greater amount of nutrients and doesn’t expose khổng lồ chemicals.


Formulated with the distilled Ganghwa Mugwort (Artemisia Princeps) leaf water, which provides purifying, stimulating, antibiotic & anti-acne properties. It’s prone to kill nasty bacteria & liberate clogged pores. Plus, the ingredient boasts calcium, fiber, minerals và vitamins (A và C), which helps lớn improve the complexion for a brighter, clearer look. The cleansing oil promises to lớn effectively reduce blackheads, tighten the pores & control sebum production while making skin stay moist.

In addition, the product contains botanical extracts of Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) flower, oải hương (Lavandula Angustifolia), Marsh Mallow (Althaea Officinalis) root, Lemon Verbena (Lippia Citriodora) leaf, Centella Asiatica & Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf. Those are meant lớn soothe và hydrate skin as well as relieve fatigue after exposure lớn external aggressors. There are many included chemical compounds as thickening, conditioning, emulsifying & viscosity regulating agents và fragrance. The product is non-comedogenic & dermatologically tested, not tested on animals.

2. Remove All of the Makeup and Other Impurities Without Stripping Skin Away

The cleansing oil is really something can’t-live-without to me in my everyday skincare routine, especially at night time before bed. I utilize it for my double cleansing to lớn ultimately lift away excess sebum, makeup và perils of the environment, such as grime or pollutants, from my delicate skin. This is usually my initial step of cleansing khổng lồ dissolve foundation, concealer, lipstick và eyeliners. In spite of being makeup-free, I still love massaging my face coated with the oil to relax, but also deeply eliminate sunscreen and sweat residual in the pores after heading outdoor. Furthermore, using an oil-based cleanser prior khổng lồ cleansing water or cream makes my skin less stripped off.

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To begin with, the product has an oil base that is runny, transparent, greasy và colorless. It has subtly little denser consistency than the Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil does, even though both seem lớn look alike. The Perfect Pore Cleansing oil doesn’t cause any uncomfortable, heavy feelings on the surface. In the event of slathering a lot of makeup layers, I prefer pumping 3-4 drops into a couple of cotton pads và gently wiping my face to take off some makeup first.

Next, apply some other drops directly on skin, it swiftly spreads all over my face. Mát xa in a circular motion for 30 seconds, the oil instantly melts down persistent things remaining. Then, dab lukewarm water on top and massage once again for a few seconds. Despite my eyes are really sensitive, it doesn’t arouse irritation or burning. Instead, temporarily brings a blurry problem to my sight while using. However, that is gone after rinsing off.

Once interacting with water, the cleansing oil turns into a pale, milky liquid and flushes out the impurities. Wash them off with water and then, move to lớn another cleansing step. It leaves a refreshing rather than a tight, squeaky clean sensation. One more reason I’m fond of rubbing my skin with the oil is it helps khổng lồ gently pull out dry pimples, lượt thích whiteheads và blackheads, without triggering more clogs, redness và inflammation. Additionally, whilst massaging, you might imperceptibly find some tiny clumps that are dry, dead skin cells sloughed off.


To be honest, my skin is recently smoother và clearer than before. I’ve been using the hàng hóa for 2 months & this is my second order. It’s genuinely nice, there is no allergic breakout or itchiness. My skin is a type of combination, sensitive with redness around cheeks and acne-prone, uneasy to go for any skincare products. But, this one is literally amazing to me.

Look at my complexion now, it’s much healthier with natural radiance upon it. Even during my menstrual acne, the product doesn’t bring about any obnoxious reactions or aggravate my skin condition. I’d recommend the cleansing oil khổng lồ most skin types, such as normal, combination, sensitive, oily and dry folk. The product does have fragrance, which is mild, not overwhelming, whereas my former oil has a very strong floral scent.

Moderately sensitive skin is gonna fall in love with it. I’m not very sure about severely sensitive ones, who frequently get reddened và flare-ups, like psoriasis or rosacea. For the best, you should kiểm tra this with a dermatologist in your case. However, I haven’t seen anyone getting allergies to lớn it. It’s worth trying.

3. Simple, Lightweight Packaging design in a Plastic Bottle


The oil comes into a semi-opaque, green plastic bottle, which is handy & neat with a medium size, but this is kinda big for traveling. There are đen texts on the bottle for brand and product names in the front as well as the direction at the back. The bottle comes with a cap on top and there is a complimentary pump that you can switch when using. The bottle is tough to withstand physical damage. The pump is good và not stuck lượt thích what I had before with the Fresh Brightening.

4. My Rating 8/10: My Current Go-To for a Clear Complexion. I’d Love to lớn Repurchase