How to Get Away With Murder: vị trí cao nhất Episodes of Season 2, Ranked (According khổng lồ IMDb) The award-winning show How khổng lồ Get Away With Murder entered Season 2, brimming with hope for the future. Here"s how its episodes ranked, per IMDb.

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The award-winning show How khổng lồ Get Away With Murder entered Season 2, brimming with hope for the future — but that obviously does not happen for any of the characters. Wes Gibbins remains on the hunt for his (murdered) ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, Annalise finds herself busy with a patricide case, & Asher tries khổng lồ betray the gang, & not for the last time.

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Later episodes reveal that Wes"s childhood trauma was linked with Annalise, which alters the flow of the narrative rather drastically. Frank"s horrible secret is uncovered, và Wes" bio-grandpa is sniped by a hidden gunman before they could even get to know each other. All the episodes are amazing, but ten of them are clear fan hâm mộ favorites (given their IMDb rating.)

The title refers to lớn the new DA, Emily Sinclair, whose insistence on charging the adopted Hapstall siblings is a real thorn in the foot for Annalise.

Things take a turn for the worse when she barely survives her cross-examination, which makes it even less likely that Nate would get through his preliminary hearing (considering that Annalise put him in prison in the first place.) At a later date, Michaela, Wes, and Laurel discover a corpse lying on the ground: which turns out khổng lồ be Emily Sinclair.

The case of a murdered teenage girl is not as straightforward as Annalise believes it to lớn be, even though parts of the actual act were taped by the three perpetrators (who were close friends with the victim.) On the personal front, Annalise is faced with the moral dilemma of taking Nia Lahey"s life by euthanasia, as the dying woman doesn"t want to place the guilt on her husband.

In another timeline, Annalise is being rushed khổng lồ the emergency room, while Michaela chances upon an unexpected Caleb Hapstall, who then questions her about the status of a mysterious "she."

The new wrench in the works, Philip, is the product of an incestuous relationship between Grant Hapstall và his sister, Helena. After Oliver hacks into his computer, he claims that he will be filing a report, but Nate"s quick thinking saves the day.

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The situation is never simple for the Keating group, as they find out that Philip was in cảm ứng with his adoptive half-sister, Catherine. In a later scene, Philip và Catherine meet in her car, where he assures her that he"ll "take care of it." In an uncharacteristic movie, Bonnie intimidates Connor into not running away (as always.)

7 I Want You lớn Die (Episode 7) - 8.7

Annalise Keating"s current case deals with a guy who is blamed for his ex-wife"s new husband"s suicide. Seeing as the Hapstall incident doesn"t have enough evidence in their favor, Oliver is convinced by Frank khổng lồ come in with his hacking skills.

Bonnie gets upset when she learns that Asher is aware of the events of her past, and is even angrier when he tells her that he found out from Annalise. The flashforward shows the poor interns bear witness to Emily Sinclair"s "suicide attempt."

The season premiere is a fine episode, và it shows the characters trying khổng lồ get over the previous season"s ordeal — the vanishing of Rebecca Sutter. Annalise has to handle Wes" new tantrums, as he immediately assumes that she would assume that he had something to vì chưng with it.

Eve Rothlo makes an appearance, & her introduction highlights a hitherto unknown secret that Annalise had kept hidden for so long (that she is, in fact, bisexual.) In the future, Wes is shown fleeing the Keating manor after allegedly shooting Annalise in the stomach.

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5 Meet Bonnie (Episode 5) - 8.9

Here is where viewers are told of Bonnie"s excruciating childhood — that she was tortured, abused, raped and sold by her parents ever since she turned five years old.

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Wes takes Rebecca"s brother, Levi, along to lớn find a man named Bruno (to find out his connection with Frank và Rebecca.) He tells Laurel, Connor, và Michaela that Annalise probably murdered Rebecca, or had Frank do it. However, when they reach Frank"s secret locker, they discover that he had tricked them from the start.

After Caleb goes missing, ADA Todd Denver plans to question anyone appearing in Philip"s videos. Bonnie is frustrated by Annalise"s relapse into alcoholism (but she mainly does it to lớn pluck up the courage to explain what really went down in Wes" childhood home.)

In the flashback, it is revealed that Wes is the result of Wallace Mahoney"s rape of his mother; however, the actual truth is far more complicated — as Wes is actually the son of Charles Mahoney, Wallace"s heir.

3 Something Bad Happened (Episode 13) - 9.0

Wes is stressed out by the guilt that he might have caused his mother"s death and goes khổng lồ meet Eve Rothlo after learning that she knew his mother. The past reveals Rose Edmond"s interaction with I.C.E., during which Annalise requests Eve lớn take over the illegal immigration case.

When Annalise later challenges Rose (with respect to the threats on Wes"s life), she tells the former khổng lồ protect her son & kills herself on the spot. At the end, little Wes is the one who finds his mother và makes the 911 call, reiterating the name of the episode.

Annalise is furious at her mother for "dating" the man she doesn"t even consider as her father, but Ophelia explains that both things và people have a habit of changing. After an entire season spent on the Hapstall case, a breakthrough finally occurs — it is shown that Caleb is the actual criminal, và Catherine backs up the theory by suspecting that the murder of their parents was inheritance-oriented.

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At the end of the episode, viewers were shocked khổng lồ discover that Frank"s debt lớn Sam was initiated by manipulating the accident that took the life of Sam Keating, Jr.

1 What Did We Do? (Episode 9) - 9.6

After Judge Millstone"s illegal dealings are uprooted, the humiliation forces him lớn take his own life. Asher encounters Emily Sinclair in the garage, where she insults the dead man, so he runs her over with his car in a fit of fury.

Annalise begs one of the minions lớn shoot her in the leg, but Wes chooses khổng lồ go for the gut when she tries to motivate him by revealing that Rebecca was actually dead. The most shocking twist comes when Wes decides to go further and just kill Annalise but stops when she whispers his real name, Christophe.

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