How khổng lồ Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 9 Review: He Betrayed Us Both

The specter of Sam Keating has haunted the characters and the show at large for years and this installment introduced us to lớn another side of Sam we hadn’t seen before. And spoiler alert, he’s still the worst.

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Picking up right where How to lớn Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 8 left off, this was an hour less about the murder of Miller and more about Annalise remembering one of the most difficult periods of her life.

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After her baby died, Annalise was a shell of her former self and the one thing she wanted more than anything was to replace the void and pain she was feeling. That meant she wanted khổng lồ adopt 12-year-old Wes, but Sam wanted no parts of that.

Unbeknownst to lớn Annalise, Sam wasn’t grieving in the same way she was because the pain of their lost child made him realize that he had a child of his own out there in the world that he didn’t know. 


It"s entirely in character for Sam to keep something like this hidden, but it"s still insane to think about.

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The Keating marriage began lớn crumble after the events of the car accident và seeing how Sam struggled with guilt and shame afterward makes sense in the broader context of how he pulled himself away from Annalise.

But the thing with Sam has always been và will always be that he’s a liar. When you think about it, who is the real Sam Keating? Is it the man standing in the hallway looking at his son with eyes of sadness & hope? Or is he the man who lies lớn his grieving wife and secretly emails his ex-wife behind his current wife’s back?

It was so painful to see just how blinded Annalise was lớn the person Sam was. Sam must have had some magic that he floated over women, from Annalise to lớn Bonnie to Lila way back when. 

Better to have no father than a bad one.


He"s caused a lot of pain, and it will be interesting to lớn see what Gabriel"s real motive is in regards to lớn infiltrating Annalise"s life and that of her students. If all he knows is that man in the hallway holding his basketball, it may be that his mission is to lớn avenge the death of the father he never knew. 

It seems too convenient to think that he was calling his mother, but if not her then who?

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While we ponder on that new mystery, we can put to lớn rest an old one. Frank"s mysterious contact is none other than Eve! 

I"ve got khổng lồ say I did not see that coming. I"m not sure how the audience at large feels about Eve as a character, but I"ve always been a bit indifferent. As with nearly everyone on this show, there"s a deceptive side khổng lồ her, and as much as she cares about Annalise, she was never entirely honest with her. 


I have to imagine she knows a lot about the Maddox"s & she didn"t just show up for no reason. 

While Annalise is traveling down a harrowing road, the rest of the Keating crew is discussing Gabriel and Bonnie and Frank are just trying khổng lồ catch their bearings. 

Poor Oliver và Connor. Even on their wedding night, they can"t escape talk of death.

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Having the students be on the outside of the murder for once is an exciting tactic lớn explore this season. This murder is solely related khổng lồ Nate and Bonnie, yet it"s a given that at some point everyone will be pulled into the coverup.

And how in the world are they going khổng lồ cover it up? Philadelphia is a big city, but isn"t there anyone out there suspicious of all the dead bodies that show up and get connected to lớn Annalise and the people with whom she associates? 

For a midseason premiere, this was less an hour of action and more a time of reflection, which is okay. But moving forward I need more murder subplots, and fewer Sam Keating think pieces. 


Everything Else You Need lớn Know

Frank & Bonnie. Bonnie and Frank. So in every timeline, they hook up, và I"m not sure how lớn feel about it. What was the purpose of showing us they had a thing in the past unless the show is leading us into a universe where these two become a couple? Nate was awfully calm for having just nearly murdered a man in cold blood. So should Gabriel show up to lớn class on Monday as if nothing happened or what? 

How lớn Get Away With Murder"s triumphant return fell a little flat for me, but as always, I"d love lớn know what you guys thought! Did you learn anything new from the flashbacks? What is Gabriel"s next move? How long until everyone figures out Bonnie killed Miller?

Leave your comments down below and make sure you watch How to lớn Get Away with Murder online, so you"re all caught up this season!