Changing your gmail password may seem like a tedious task, but it’s a vital one, especially if you frequently handle others’ personal data in your day-to-day.

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A breach in thư điện tử security can lead khổng lồ a truyền bá disaster for businesses, so make sure you keep on đứng top of this important task. Failing to lớn regularly update your password puts you – and those you communicate with – at risk of hacking, which can result in financial theft, identity fraud, và the sale of confidential information.

Here’s how lớn quickly và easily change or reset your tin nhắn password:

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8 Steps lớn Changing your tin nhắn Password on Desktop

Step 1. Log in to gmail on your browser

Step 2. Click on your profile photo in the đứng đầu right-hand corner of the page:


Step 3. Click on the ‘Google Account’ button in the box that has opened up in the đứng đầu right corner of your inbox. This will take you lớn your Google trương mục settings page:


Step 4. Click on ‘Security’ – it’s the fourth option on the left sidebar. This takes you to lớn the ‘Security’ page:


Step 5. The second box from the đứng đầu is titled ‘Signing in khổng lồ Google.’ Click on the ‘Password’ option within this box:


Step 6. Google will now ask you to lớn verify your current password by signing in – simply type your existing password in the box và click ‘Next.’ If you don’t know your password, click ‘Forgot password’ and follow Google’s instructions to lớn reset your login information through your backup email account:


Step 7. If your sign-in is successful, you’ll be taken lớn the ‘Password’ page where you must type in & confirm your new password. Choose a strong one of at least eight characters, using a combination of numbers, letters, và punctuation. Remember – don’t use an obvious password such as a pet’s name, birth date, or a password similar khổng lồ ones you use on other sites:


Step 8. Once you’re happy with your new password, click ‘Change Password’.

Congratulations! You’re done – you’ve successfully changed your tin nhắn password. Remember lớn repeat this process at least once a year for optimal email security.

How to lớn Change Your email Password on Your Smartphone

Changing gmail Password on Android

Step 1. Head over khổng lồ your phone và choose Gmail.

Step 2. Click Manage your Google Account.

Step 3. Locate the section called Privacy and personalization and choose Security. Then choose Signing into GooglePassword.


Step 4. Simply enter your new password and choose Change Password.

Step 5. That’s it – you’re all done.

Changing tin nhắn Password on iPhone

Step 1. mở cửa up your Gmail app.

Step 2. Click on your profile icon in the đứng top right corner, then click Manage your Google Account.

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Step 3. Click the Personal info tab.

Step 4. Under Basic info, click Password.


Step 5. Add your new password và then choose Change Password.

Step 6. You’re all done!

Enabling Two-Step Verification in Gmail

Step 1. xuất hiện up your tin nhắn account. For this tutorial, we will assume you’re on your desktop.

Step 2. You need lớn choose Security from the navigation panel. Find this by clicking on the profile icon in the top right & then choose Manage your Google Account.


Step 3. Locate the section called Signing in to lớn Google & then select 2-StepVerification, followed by Get started.


Step 4. Follow the on-screen steps before you verify.

Step 5. We suggest that you use prompts as the preferred option.


Step 6. You’ll then get a prompt on your phone lớn say that you are who you say you are. Simply click Yes, and you’re all done.

Why Is it Important khổng lồ Change Your email Password Regularly?

There are many reasons lớn change your password regularly:

1. It reduces the risk of people using saved passwords – there’s always a risk when you thảm bại or change your computer. When your password is changed regularly, it reduces the possibility of someone finding & using an old password.

2. It reduces the risk of hacking – hackers often will try & access your tài khoản multiple times. If you constantly change your passwords, it reduces the risk of them gaining access more than once.

3. It helps prevent the use of keystroke loggers accessing your email – many hackers use keystroke loggers lớn find your passwords. By regularly changing your password, you reduce the risk of having your data stolen by this method.

Gmail Password Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I see my email Password?

You need lớn memorize, or keep your password in a safe place online or offline. Some browsers such as Chrome allow you to save passwords & view them if you are logged into your account. Otherwise, there is no mặc định way to “see” your password.

How vì chưng I reset my email Password if I forgot my Password?

If you forgot your password, don’t worry. You can still reset it and access your Gmail.The sections above in this article walk you through step by step how khổng lồ create a new password on mobile or desktop if you forgot it.

How often should I update my email Password

You should update your email password as often as possible. At a minimum, try to lớn reset your password every 90 days. Simply put a reminder in your calendar for that date, then take 5 minutes so you can protect your identity and information.

Is 2 factor authentication important for tin nhắn Password

Yes. Using 2 factor authentication (also called 2 step verification), is crucial for a strong email password. The reason is that it’s easier than you think for a cyber criminal lớn get their hands on your password. However, the chances that they have physical access lớn your desktop or mobile device is much lower.