Special counsel John Durham should be commended for exposing the crooked FBI và the dirtiest political trick ever witnessed in the history of the United States.

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Newt Gingrich: It"s now very clear FBI leaders went "crazy" lớn protect Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden

Newt Gingrich joined "Fox & Friends" to lớn react to lớn charges against Igor Danchenko for false statements made lớn the FBI và says the vị trí cao nhất officials at the FBI have gone crazy

Huma Abedin, a longtime Hillary Clinton aide who has worked with her in a variety of roles including her năm 2016 presidential campaign, has joined MSNBC as a contributor.

The rapper now legally known as Ye spoke lớn Fox News" Tucker Carlson in a wide-ranging interview on Thursday night.

Huma Abedin says Hillary Clinton "faced impossible standards" as a woman in politics: "Like you couldn"t win"

Huma Abedin said Thursday on "The View" that Hillary Clinton "faced impossible standards" as a woman in politics and said it was like "you couldn"t win."

Entertainer & commentator Russell Brand called out Democrats for comparing their Republican opposition with people who killed millions of civilians in the 20th century.

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As the U.S. Faces a border crisis, former President Bill Clinton says "there is a limit" khổng lồ how many migrants any society can accept without there being disruption.

Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, ripped Democrats on "Fox và Friends First" Monday after former Hillary Clinton drew comparison between a recent Trump rally and Hitler speeches,

During a discussion at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Hillary Clinton compared former President Donald Trump"s sự kiện in Ohio last weekend to a Nazi rally.

Hillary Clinton calls Trump"s handling of documents "deeply disturbing," says she never had classified info

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump"s handling of documents "deeply disturbing" on Friday while denying that she ever had classified info on a private server.

Dallas hospital shooting suspect accused girlfriend of cheating before killing 2 workers, affidavit says
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