If you want to lớn outperform your competitors on Google Shopping & pay less for hàng hóa ads, the secret lies in nailing Google"s Taxonomy. The Google hàng hóa Category is a fundamental element of all Google Shopping campaigns, and if you have discounted it until now - it"s time lớn give it your full attention.

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Google product Category: Everything you need to know

Google has its own system of categorization, or taxonomy. By using your product"s data like titles, descriptions, & GTINs, Google will now automatically assign a category for each product you submit.

In the past the google_product_category attribute was required. But in order lớn simplify the categorization process for its merchants, Google implemented automated categorization.

Even though this attribute is optional, it still has a big impact on your Shopping campaign performance. For this reason, it is essential khổng lồ get it right.

Automated categorization: What does it mean for merchants?

There are benefits & drawbacks for merchants that stem from Google"s switch to lớn automatic categorization.

1. Less work

Assigning categories from Google’s Taxonomy to each & every one of your products is no longer a necessity before submitting your products khổng lồ Google Shopping. This should mean:

Lower threshold for getting started with advertising your products.Advertisers are spared the effort of choosing the right subcategory from the over 6,000 long Google taxonomy list.

2. Accuracy issues

While automatic categorization is a relief for merchants to lớn a certain extent, it could be a risky gamble khổng lồ leave this part of your feed completely up khổng lồ the category-algorithms.It"s always best khổng lồ keep an eye on the categories that have been assigned khổng lồ your products.The risk of category mismatch is real:

The automatic assignment heavily relies on other attributes of your feed, such as title, description, brand, & GTIN - it becomes even more important to ensure the accuracy of those attributes.If Google incorrectly assigns the category, the Merchant Center may falsely enforce additional required fields upon your products (e.g. For Apparel or Software products).An incorrect assignment may also lead lớn miscalculation of taxes for merchants selling in US.

These are all issues you want khổng lồ avoid. A fully optimized feed can definitely help Google pick the right category with greater accuracy.

3. Control over the targeting

Many merchants like to define their ad campaigns based on Google’s hàng hóa categories. But what if the product groups you have in mind aren’t in line with the automatically assigned categories? You can override them by populating the google_product_category field manually.

All in all, what may seem like the perfect solution on paper is not necessarily all-roses.

If you want lớn ensure greater control of your chiến dịch targeting và that your products are categorized accurately - the answer is lớn get the ‘google_product_category’ attribute right in your product feed.

Why focus on Google product Category?

The taxonomy is crucial for the hàng hóa ads as it helps Google lớn identify if the products in a given feed are a good match for a given shopper query.

Product categorization used to lớn be exclusively a merchant’s errand, & oftentimes a cumbersome one. The latest Google update brings an interesting development to the table - an Automatic Category Assignment.

This begs the question: vì we still have khổng lồ care about the product_category attribute, with the automatic categorization?

The simple answer: Absolutely!

Keeping a close eye on your Google product categories is crucial for all merchants in making sure their ads are served khổng lồ the right audience. Furthermore, additional factors may come into play - for example, if you’re selling in the US the appropriate category will ensure the correct tax rate is applied lớn your items.

That is why merchants should definitely put assigning categorization on their feed checklist.

How Google hàng hóa Category affects your ads

Google chooses what to lớn show when based on the Google hàng hóa Category, among many other factors & attributes, like title, GTIN etc.

There is another important reason why you don"t want khổng lồ get the Google sản phẩm Category wrong. Different product categories are treated in different ways by Google when it comes to lớn advertising policies and editorial requirements.

For example, the brand attribute is required for all products, except movies, books and musical recordings. For those products you might add the quảng cáo online as a brand instead.

If you sell any other category of products & you don"t want them khổng lồ be disapproved, you have khổng lồ specify the correct Google sản phẩm Category first và then fill the brand attribute.

Getting the Google sản phẩm Category Right

As you can see from the following screenshot, a number (category id) is assigned to every Google taxonomy category và subcategory.


You can populate the Google product Category field with either the full category text or simply the category id.


Setting the right Google hàng hóa Category is essential for Google khổng lồ understand what type of products you"re selling. This helps to lớn match categories with the right tìm kiếm query as well as lớn make them compete in the same auction as other similar products in the same category.

Two products might have very similar titles but different categories. This can happen with DVDs và books when the former is based on the latter.

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For example, if you sell both "Harry Potter" books and DVDs, you want the DVDs to lớn compete with your competitors" Harry Potter DVDs và the books with Harry Potter books. The same story applies to lớn movie BluRay Discs & BluRay players.

Selling alcoholic beverages

Some categories of products require a precise Google hàng hóa Category so Google can apply the relevant policy và ensure your feed will be approved. This is the case with alcoholic beverages.

The promotion of those items is generally allowed but restricted lớn some countries and subject lớn strict policies.

If you intend lớn sell alcoholic beverages you have to "declare" it in your Google product Category attribute using the values Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Beverages > Alcoholic Beverages (499676) or any of its subcategories.

If you"re selling products related khổng lồ alcohol production then you can use Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Homebrewing & Winemaking Supplies (3577) or any of its subcategories.

In this way, Google will check you meet the alcoholic beverages policy requirements & approve your products. Otherwise, without Google product Category or with a wrong value, Google would automatically disapprove alcoholic products, without even checking if you meet the policies first.

Selling subscriptions, gift cards & mobile devices

Other categories for products like mobile phones & tablets with a contract or instalment plans require a specific Google hàng hóa Category. So dogift cards & software subscriptions.

If you"re submitting a gift thẻ then this is the categorization you"d use:

Arts và Entertainment > tiệc nhỏ & Celebration > Gift Giving > Gift Cards và Certificates (53)

And this is what software would look like:

Software > Computer Software > và of its subcategories like Antivirus & Security Software (5299)orEducational Software.


Check the Google help center article for more details. In Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, The United Kingdom, và The United States, the Google hàng hóa Category can also be used lớn organize product groups in Google Ads. In all other countries, only the sản phẩm Type attribute is available for this purpose.

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Localized Category Names

It"s possible that localized Google product Categories can be named differently, even when they"re in English. For example, if you"re selling clothes in the United States và in the United Kingdom you"ll notice that the two have different labels.

US:(178) Apparel và Accessories > Clothing

UK:(178) Clothing & Accessories

In case of any discrepancies between the written titles, the category ID number comes in handy. This number will be the same across product category lists of all languages.

Click on each country to tải về an excel sheet with the localized Google product Categories:

When using generalimex.com.vn, you can search with a keyword & select the right category you"re looking for.


But, you don"t need khổng lồ worry about any mismatches happening. We actually use the category ID number when passing your product data to Google Merchant Center. So you can rest assured knowing your feeds are always correct.


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Categorization challenges and benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of taking the time khổng lồ get your categories right, and the challenges that you might face while doing so.

Categorization benefits

There are countless benefits of going very in-depth with your categorization. Here"s why you should take the time và do it properly:

Google will be able to better identify if your products are a good match for any given search query. Adding GTIN to your feed also enables Google to do that, but Google Shopping is also a Comparison Shopping site that is using the Google hàng hóa Categories for navigation & comparison.The right category increases the chance that your products will show up for the right search queries and your CTRs will improve.By having better CTRs your hàng hóa ads will have better chances when competing with similar products.If your ads become more relevant, the costs of your PLAs will go down.If you are selling in more than one country & you have mapped your categories for one of the feeds, you can copy the categorization for all the other countries where Google Shopping has a presence.

It can be a tedious job, but the benefits are big enough lớn spend a few hours executing it.

Categorization challenges

Like we mentioned before, there are some prominent challenges you might face with your sản phẩm categories.

Automatic categorization means possible risk of getting your products labeled incorrectly. That may bring about negative consequences such as thành quả disapprovals or having their ads triggered by irrelevant searches.

This is why Google allows merchants to override the automatically assigned category with ‘google_product_category’ attribute.

With over 6,000 categories in total, finding the right one becomes a tedious task especially for those who have large feeds with hundreds & thousands of diverse products.

If you can’t make the time, outsource this to generalimex.com.vn or khổng lồ a freelancer to vì it for you; it"s money well spent!