Before returning to the Secret Service in London Has Fallen (2016), Gerard Butler first appeared in Gods of Egypt. A film about the gods of ancient Egypt. This film tells about the conflict between Horus & Set. A kind of Zeus and Hades in Greek mythology. So, you could say, this film is the Egyptian version of Clash of the Titans (2010).

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It is said, when led by Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Egypt is safe và secure. However, the situation immediately changed. To be precise, after phối (Gerard Butler), who is the God of Darkness (like Hades in Greece), seizes power. Egypt instantly became gloomy. Humans also live a miserable life in slavery.

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Once upon a time, a human named Bek (Brenton Thwaites) appears. Who intends to rebel against Set. To save the soul of his lover. He then allied himself with Horus. Khổng lồ drop the Dark Lord set from his throne. Can Bek restore peace khổng lồ Egypt? and reunite with the girl he loves?

Btw, when viewed from the background, this Gods of Egypt film, at first glance, is indeed similar lớn Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014). Which tells of Moses’ rebellion in liberating the Jews from the slavery of Ramses. The cruel king of Egypt. However, in terms of visual effects, Gods of Egypt looks cooler. The battle scene of the gods in this 121 minute film is made much more real. In fact, Gerard Butler got his head injured while playing one of the kích hoạt scenes in this film.

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Gerard Butler admitted that he was interested in starring in Gods of Egypt because, since childhood, he really liked mythological stories. And, in fact, he had already played a character in mythology. To be precise, Greek mythology. Namely, in the films 300 (2007) và 300: Rise of an Empire (2014). In the film 300, the macho actor who idolizes young mothers plays Leonidas. King of Sparta. Who, heroically, led 300 Greek soldiers against tens of thousands of Persian soldiers. Led by King Xerxes.

On the other hand, Lionsgate, as the distributor, which has been successful through four series of The Hunger Games (2012), does indeed seem lớn go all out in working on Gods of Egypt. In fact, reportedly, this USD 140 million budget film will be developed into a trilogy. However, some observers say, Gods of Egypt will not be able khổng lồ break the box office. In fact, there is the potential for Lionsgate to lose. The film, which was shot in Australia, is estimated to lớn only gross USD 15 million when it premieres on its premiere day (26 February 2016).

Another criticism that also hit Gods of Egypt is the dominance of trắng actors. As a film that takes Egypt as the background, there should be a đen actor who appears as the main character. However, in this film, there is only one đen actor. Namely: Chadwick Boseman. Who plays the god Thoth. Which, unfortunately, is not very significant in character. Therefore, it is not surprising that, finally, a number of reviews sites also gave a negative rating for the film directed by Alex Proyas.