Giò, an Italian nickname for Giovanni (name) and Giorgio (name)


Gio people, an ethnic group in north-eastern Liberia and in Côte d"Ivoire
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Death anniversary

A death anniversary is a custom observed in several Asian cultures including China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, & Vietnam, as well as in other nations with significant overseas Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, và Vietnamese populations. Lượt thích a birthday, it is celebrated each year, but instead of on the date of birth of the individual being celebrated, it is celebrated on the day on which a family thành viên or other significant individual died. There are also similar memorial services that are held at different intervals, such as every week.

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Although primarily a manifestation of ancestor worship, the tradition has also been associated with Confucianism & Buddhism (in East Asian cultural civilizations) or Hinduism (South Asia but mainly in India).

Death anniversaries are also commemorated in Judaism (the majority religion of Israel) where it is called by various names. Celebration of mass in memory of a loved one on or near the anniversary of their death is also a key part of Roman Catholic tradition.

Cao (Vietnamese surname)

Cao is a Vietnamese surname. The name is transliterated as Gao in Chinese và Go in Korean. Unrelated, it is also the Chinese surname Cao which is transliterated as Tào in Vietnamese.

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List of persons with the surname

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Cao (state)

The State of Cao (simplified Chinese: 曹国; traditional Chinese: 曹國; pinyin: Cáoguó) was a vassal state in đài loan trung quốc during the Zhou Dynasty (1046–221 BC). The state was founded sometime in the 11th century BC by Caoshu Zhenduo (d. 1053 BC) (曹叔振鐸), son of King Wen of Zhou & the younger brother of King Wu of Zhou. With its capital at Taoqiu (陶丘), the State of Cao covered roughly the area of modern-day Dingtao County, Shandong Province. It was located on the flat country of the North china Plain about 50 miles east of the point where the current course of the Yellow River changes from east to lớn north-east. To lớn the northwest was Wey, khổng lồ the northeast Lu & to the southeast Song.


As a result of the Cao’s relative weakness, later generations wrote few records on events concerning the state"s history. The only major sự kiện recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian during the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 770 BC) was in 826 BC when Count You of Cao was killed by his younger brother Count dẻo of Cao.


Cão! was the first album by Portuguese band Ornatos Violeta. Three singles were released from this album: "Punk Moda Funk", "A Dama vị Sinal" và "Mata-me Outra Vez".

Track listing

"Punk Moda Funk" - 3:10 "Bigamia" - 2:28 "Líbido" - 4:58 "Letra S" - 1:32 "A Dama vì Sinal" - 3:14 "1 Beijo = 1000" - 4:04 "O Amor é isto" - 3:21 "Homens de Princípios" - 3:03 "Mata-me Outra Vez" - 4:56 "Um crime à minha porta" - 4:53 "Débil Mental" - 4:57 "Esfera" - 1:02 "Chuva" - 1:30 "Letra S" - 1:04 "Raquel" - 1:30

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Cho may refer to:


Chō, the romaji for the uncommon Japanese surname derived from the Chinese Zhang (Kanji 張) mang đến Hakkai, the Japanese name for Zhū Bājiè or "Pigsy", one of the travellers in the 16th-century Chinese novel, Journey khổng lồ the West, by Wu Cheng"en

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