I am working on an ứng dụng using Google Drive. I want the user to lớn be able to nội dung files by link, setting the permissions lớn anyone & withLink as described in the Google Developers documentation.

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However, I cannot figure out what links to share. When I share a tệp tin in the Google Drive browser interface, I see the link to giới thiệu in the format:


A liên kết in this format is not part of the file resource object, nor it is returned from the http hotline setting the permissions. I hope someone can explain lớn me how to lớn get this liên kết through the REST api?

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You can use the alternateLink property in the file resource khổng lồ get a link that can be shared for opening the file in the relevant Google editor or viewer:



(https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/reference/files it is suggested to lớn use the webViewLink property.

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To actually enable liên kết sharing using Google Drive API:

drive.permissions.create( fileId: "......", requestBody: role: "reader", type: "anyone", );Get the webLinkView value using:

const webViewLink = await drive.files.get( fileId: file.id, fields: "webViewLink").then(response => response.data.webViewLink);
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answered Feb 26, 2019 at 20:31


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In my case using the PHP Api v3, for the links to be non-empty you must define that you request this field... & if you have the right permissions:

so something lượt thích this:

$file =self::$service->files->get("1ogXyGxcJdMXt7nJddTpVqwd6_G8Hd5sUfq4b4cxvotest",array("fields"=>"webViewLink"));
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answered Feb 23, 2017 at 13:50
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Here"s a practical example on how lớn get the WebViewLink file property (A.K.A. File edit link):

$file = $service->files->get($file_id, array("fields" => "webViewLink"));$web_link_view = $file->getWebViewLink();OR

$sheetsList = $drive_service->files->listFiles(< "fields" => "files(id, name, webViewLink, webContentLink)",>);$web_link_view = $sheetsList->current()->getWebViewLink();Pay attention that you should load the tệp tin specifying which fields you wanna bring with it (In this case, webViewLink). If you don"t vị that, only id và name will be available.

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In case you need lớn adjust the tệp tin sharing settings, this is how you bởi it:

$permissions = new Google_Service_Drive_Permission();$permissions->setRole("writer");$permissions->setType("anyone");$drive_service->permissions->create($file_id, $permissions);Possible values for setRole() và setType() can be found here: https://developers.google.com/drive/api/v3/reference/permissions/create

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