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Bạn đang xem: Blood C: The Last Dark

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Having escaped the many horrors of her village, Saya Kisaragi vows to lớn hunt down the quái nhân responsible and make him pay with his life. As she tears through flesh and bone for her vendetta, she encounters SIRRUT, a group of ingenious hackers, who enlist Saya khổng lồ help them defeat a common enemy—someone she knows all too well.Unfortunately, the path she follows is paved with tragedy, as once again, Saya faces betrayal at the hands of those she has come lớn trust. With her back against the wall, the fearsome quái dị slayer must fight with all her strength & skill if she is to overcome this final mission và exact vengeance.

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Ah, Blood. To lớn put it basically it was animes equivalent of Buffy the vampire slayer. Starting off from the fairly decent Blood: The Last Vampire movie and then moving on khổng lồ the mediocre but well received Blood+ series. And then our dear old Clamp decided khổng lồ try a hand at giving the blood series a new look. Enter Blood-c, a name which gave me a bad feeling from the get go. A series which suffered from abysmal storytelling, over-exaggerated gore which looked more comical than disturbing, characters with little likability và it says a lot when you can say that half the series can be ... Skipped without anything significant being lost.Now we have Blood-c The Last Dark, a title which still makes no sense even after having seen the film. So let me answer the first question you have. Is it better than the tv anime series? Honestly, yes it is. But considering the chất lượng of the tv series that isn't really something hard to accomplish. Despite that it still remains a poor film. Starting with story. Much lượt thích the tv series, a large amount of the film feels like padding. We are treated to lớn a familiar vampire fight on a train which in turn causes Saya lớn meet the members of a a group called "Surat" which happen to lớn be teenagers.(Naturally) From this moment on the plot progression comes lớn a complete halt. For well over forty minutes we are shown mainly the overly out of place comical characters of Surat. But then plot kicks in gear again và remembers what it's supposed lớn be focusing on và we are treated to lớn an kích hoạt scene and really that's about it. This supposedly inspires one of the members of Surat to lớn get their ass in gear & direct Saya to lớn the end boss. (Which apparently is a building that nobody can find despite it being clearly viewable from the coast of the city.) From that point on all the characters of Surat are rendered completely worthless. They don't appear again except for the epilogue và they don't effect the plot in any way. The finale is rather disappointing and anti-climatic. I had hoped that the writer would have learned from the tv series that twists that come out of nowhere for shock value is not good storytelling. Apparently they didn't. It really says a lot when they take the time to lớn create a giant monster which in turn is defeated in a single strike within moments. Overall a large amount of the story feels unnecessary và plot points such as the curfew placed on minors are dropped with little explanation or exploration. I cannot say the art was bad. However I can say I was underwhelmed by it. If you were keeping an eye on anime news then you would know that this movie received a grant from the government so there was no reason they couldn't go all out with the animation. Still I didn't see anything truly impressive. Honestly the chất lượng was similar khổng lồ that our the currently ongoing psycho pass in my opinion. This is just speculation but either all that cash went into the characters exaggerated reactions and cg or it might be the reason Production I.G has seen a sudden increase of productivity with anime series.Sounds is something I can't bình luận on as I didn't take much notice of it. Though if I had to lớn derive an opinion based on my watch I would deem it forgettable.Characters are something of an oddity. Saya has traded her annoying bubbly carefree personality from the tv series for a more stereotypical broody cold type. There really is not much to lớn say about it. Our main antagonist is a jumbled mess. Mainly because he has little to no focus in the film at all. He appears briefly at the beginning, briefly at the middle và then at the end. So his motivations remain confusing and nonsensical. The rest of our characters is where the movie spends most of it's time with which khổng lồ me is rather odd way of using your limited time. This is because of the pointlessness of these characters lớn the main story. The members of Surat hold no purpose in the story besides two instances of telling her "Go here lớn find Fumito" and justifying a silly twist at the end. In retrospect that time spent developing them could have been better used to develop our two main characters seeing as they are the ones effecting the actual story and most need fleshing out. Also I really need to lớn point out again just how out of place these Surat members are. They act much lượt thích characters in a sitcom & clash greatly with the atmosphere of the story itself. You can't exactly show us Saya killing a monster brutally và expect us lớn brush that off and enjoy comic relief. On that note, a loli learning to type on a keyboard with her feet is the most ridiculous thing I have seen. I mean even someone who isn't that into computers can tell you that not many computers allow you to lớn use two keyboards at the same time, also no computer lets you type into two windows simultaneously. So that really makes typing with your feet a pointless skill. Really I feel sad for the blood series. If only a competent writer was hired then maybe something great or at least fairly enjoyable could have came out of Blood-C. But here I am watching an hour và forty minute film with a bored look on my face