For years, there’s been a hidden Atari Breakout trò chơi available khổng lồ play on Google Search. Here’s the correct way to lớn find và play the game in 2020.

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There’s a hidden Atari Breakout Easter egg trò chơi available to play in Google Search, if you know how. This is only one of many Google-related Easter eggs that have been released in the past and are still available today. While this one can be accessed in the same general way as the others, the process is a little different due to the unique nature of the Easter egg.

By modern day standards, Breakout is hardly the most visually or mentally stimulating game. After all, it is just another version of Pong. However, when Breakout first launched back in 1976, it was very much a product of its time and one that instantly attracted demand and proved khổng lồ be a hit. For background, while not responsible for the name or the idea, Breakout was designed for Atari by Steve Wozniak who was paid by Steve Jobs.

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While Breakout launched in 1976, the Google search version was added back in 2013 lớn mark the 37th anniversary of the original. Directly inspired by the classic version of the game, Google’s version makes a nice change to the usual Google search experience. Players have the option of using the arrow keys on their keyboard, or the mouse itself khổng lồ play the game. With no clicking involved, you’ll have five lives khổng lồ generate the highest score you can by breaking through as many blocks as possible.

Finding Atari Breakout On Google Search


With most Google search Easter eggs, finding them is as simple as searching for the correct search term. While that’s technically true this time as well, there’s an extra steep needed to properly find và play the search version of Breakout. The tìm kiếm term you need khổng lồ use is “Atari Breakout” although just “Breakout” will work as well. Regardless of the term, if you perform the search normally, Google tìm kiếm will return the normal mix of results, including liên kết to official sites và resources. Although you used khổng lồ be able to lớn access the trò chơi by searching through the Images section of Google Search, that’s no longer the case – at least not without clicking through a link. The correct & current way lớn find the Easter egg in 2020 is khổng lồ paste the tìm kiếm term in the Google search bar and hit “I’m feeling lucky.”

Again, if you don’t use the lucky search option then the Easter egg won’t load as intended, và the same is true of Google tìm kiếm Images, although you will over up with plenty of images of the game. In addition, as there’s no “I’m feeling lucky” tab when accessing Google tìm kiếm through the Chrome sản phẩm điện thoại app, those users can still play the trò chơi by searching for the term normally and then clicking on the first search result. However, that’s not quite the same as the Atari Breakout game automatically firing up as soon as you perform the Google search.

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