America's Next đứng top Model, the most successful và longest-running fashion reality TV series in history, is back with Tyra Banks as a host. Alongside supermodel and body activist Ashley Graham & with other fashion legends of the industry!

In the 24th Cycle premiere of AMERICA'S NEXT đứng top MODEL, super mã sản phẩm Tyra Banks returns as host & is ready to lớn take the season lớn the next level. A group of 26 models begin their fight khổng lồ the top, but only 14 make the first cut.

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In this episode, 15 women fight for the chance to become the next top model. The models will experience their first challenge and deliberation & they will battle it out for their chance khổng lồ be at the top, but only 14 will move on.

Tyra surprises the girls with their individual Ty-overs, but little bởi they know that these will later be used in a challenge. As the girls prepare for their Ty-over's, Christina initiates tension with Sandra and Brendi K is caught in the crossfire.

This week is particularly difficult for some of the models, who struggle with acting & must get out of their comfort zone, using it in their shoot. Tensions in the house are building up và this episode reveals a shocker in the end.

The models are visited by Ashley Graham khổng lồ talk about unconventional beauty & how fashion is evolving & embracing different skin tones, genders and body toàn thân types. She encourages the models lớn embrace và show off their unconventional beauty traits!
The models arrive in West Hollywood và are greeted by judge Law Roach who introduces them to their challenge, a popup runway show. The mã sản phẩm who brings her "A" trò chơi to the runway will walk in Christian Cowan's show at new york Fashion Week.
The models get raw & real. The episode starts with a special visit from Tyra herself và helps the girls bare it all with a 'hands' on photoshoot. Tyra reveals that the girls will be stripped and raw but NOT naked.
The models get social truyền thông media that is. With the help of Tyra & high fashion model and designer, Jourdan Dunn, the girls learn how khổng lồ use social media to take their individual brands lớn the next level.

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The girls are on the move. Fresh off her win at panel, Kyla feels the pressure to keep delivering. For their first challenge, Judge Ashley Graham has the contestants make some moves with artistic director and choreographer Jermaine Browne.
This week, things start to get real. Image architect và coach, Law Roach, makes a surprise visit to review the models walks, talks, và style before sending them out on their first real castings.
The models put their personalities lớn the demo when they are asked to create a virtual avatar of themselves for the mobile game. The winner will not only be featured on the mobile tiện ích but will also be styled by Law Roach at one of LA's top showrooms.
This week is throwback week & fans voted for their favorite challenge for the đứng đầu four to lớn recreate. Their challenge is a fierce throwback lớn Cycle 16, The Bubble Runway. Models will have lớn walk down the runway while they are in a clear bubble.
In this week's challenge, Models think it's a carnival, but when they arrive on set, they see Pantene products along with a variety of props. Their challenge is lớn shoot a fun và creative chiến dịch using props while promoting their Pantene product.
It's the final countdown lớn next màn chơi fierce and soon the winner will be revealed. Picking up right where panel left off, the remaining four go straight into their fitting with renowned fashion designer Phillip Plein.
This season of America's Next Top model redefined the definition of beauty & this special highlight all that comes with it. Behind the Beauty shines the spotlight on the final five competitors of Cycle 24 and their quests for the crown.